Björn Lang

Seit 2018 Investmentmanager bei der S-UBG AG, für den Seed Fonds Aachen & Mönchengladbach Zuvor Gründer und CEO von physiosense GmbH


Not every new business is a start-up and not every business model fits a VC investor. Here you will learn about the differences and features.


Company valuation is a key factor in negotiating an investment. However, it is extremely difficult to establish in the case of start-ups, as historical data is usually not available.

Investor reporting

Investors want to know how companies in the portfolio are developing. For this purpose, certain key business figures are collected and reported. Our reporting is concise.

Fund duration

A VC fund invests money in promising early-stage start-ups. This puts the fund at full risk and only provides a return if and when the value of the company increases.

Due diligence

In due diligence (DD) audits, investors learn everything important about the start-up. Typical areas include management, commercial, financial and legal.

Pitch deck

The pitch deck provides a concise summary of all relevant information an investor, for example, needs for an initial assessment. The pitch deck has largely replaced the business plan, certainly as far as initial contact is concerned. The advantages are obvious – investors and partners can get an overview much more quickly, they have something …

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