We are specialized in developing individual and sustainable financing models that make companies successful in the long term and enable growth.

S-UBG AG, TechVision Fonds & Seed Fonds

From the outside it looks like one and many ask: “Who is who, for which target group? With the S-UBG we invest in successful medium-sized companies (also called Later Stage) from the region of Aachen, Krefeld and Mönchengladbach. The S-UBG invests “from the balance sheet”, i.e. its own capital in selected associated companies. Therefore, long-term investments are also possible here.

The TechVision Fund (formerly Seed Fund) is a venture capital fund specialized in financing start-ups with high risk. For this purpose, money is collected from investors, which has to be paid back with a return at the end of the term. The end of the term is designed (> 10 years) in such a way that we are able to give the startups the development time they need to mature. The TechVision Fund and the portfolio companies of the Seed Funds are managed by a team provided by S-UBG.

S-UBG Group - Private Equity and Mezzanine Capital for medium-sized companies

As a regionally active fund, we finance innovative industries and are not tied to specific sectors. We consider it important to have a diverse portfolio ranging from mechanical engineering, medical technology and ….Bio-business to logistics solutions and fulfilment providers. We provide medium-sized companies with our strategic know-how and, in addition, up to € 6 million in equity capital (with co-investors even more).

As the management company of our Seed and TechVision funds, we also provide capital to innovative start-ups in the region. In total, the group has a fund volume of € 125 million.

Quick-Facts on the S-UBG Group:

With our team we also manage the TechVision Fund I, which was originally launched by NRW.BANK in 2007 with the Seed Fund Initiative. Our first seed fund (launched in 2007) had a total volume of € 8 million. (fully financed).

Generation Seed Fund II had a volume of approx. € 15 million (fully financed).

The third Seed Fund was renamed TechVision Fund at the beginning of 2020 and represents – with a volume of € 55 million – our largest fund generation to date. In addition to private investors, our investors are NRW.BANK, DSA Invest GmbH and the savings banks Aachen, Düren, Heinsberg, Krefeld and Mönchengladbach as well as the shareholders of the Babor Beauty Group and the family holding company Nomainvest.

With the TechVision Fund, we are investing up to € 6.0 million in the first round in companies in the Seed and Series A phase. We make many of our investments with co-investors or business angels. On the one hand, this allows us to realize financing rounds in excess of € 6.0 million, and on the other hand, we can contribute industry-specific know-how, valuable networks and extensive experience.

125 Mio.€

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Current Startup Participations

Which partners we are looking for

Entrepreneurial passion is contagious. Dedicated managers who are 100% behind their company and have sustainable future and growth perspectives are our target group. With the resources of the S-UBG Group and co-investors, we can finance companies with our investment from the foundation to the company succession.

Our historie

TechVision Fonds I Fresh capital. Extended target region
Seed Fund III becomes TechVision Fund. The start-up scene is changing worldwide and larger sums are invested in individual start-ups. The background to this is that it has been recognised that game changers often need more capital than originally assumed before they can break through to the market. In order to meet this development, the Seed Fund III was increased and additional investors joined the founding shareholders. On 1.1.2020, the TechVision Fund was launched with a fund volume of around €40 million. New investors are Sparkasse Düren, Sparkasse Krefeld, Nomainvest, S-VC GmbH, Babor-Group and private investors.
Seed Fonds III
even more capital for startups
After the second seed fund had also been fully financed, the investors decided to provide further capital for start-ups in the region with the TechVision Fonds. The TechVision Fonds thus represents our third and largest generation of funds to date. It was launched in April 2018 with a volume of € 19 million in the first closing. After the second closing, the fund currently has a volume of € 21.5 million.
Seed Fonds II Aachen
more capital for startups
As the successor to the fully financed seed fund, Generation Seed Fund II was launched in March 2012 with a volume of 15 million € were founded. In addition to NRW.BANK, this fund is financed by Sparkasse Aachen and DSA Invest, which is backed by DSA Daten- und Systemtechnik GmbH. At present, the portfolio includes a number of very successful companies that will develop to the point of exit in the coming years.
Seed Fonds Aachen
GmbH capital for startups
Founded by NRW.BANK, Sparkasse Aachen and private investors, Seed Fonds Aachen provides young companies with the necessary equity capital during the start-up phase and thus stimulates the development of future-oriented technologies in the Aachen economic region. The Seed Fund had a total volume of € 8.5 million and has been invested for some time.
PIN - Partner im Netzwerk e. V.
The partner network of the S-UBG Group

1997 the partner network of the S-UBG Group was founded with the aim of networking the portfolio companies of our funds. This community creates a platform for the exchange between entrepreneurs and employees.

Venture Capital for innovative, technology-oriented companies
1997 the activities of S-UBG were expanded to include the early-stage sector and the venture fund S-VC GmbH was founded.
Private Equity and Mezzanine Capital for Medium-Sized Companies

In May 1988 - more than 30 years ago - far-sighted board members of the regional savings banks found out that small and medium-sized enterprises need more than borrowed capital and founded the Mittelstands Fonds S-UBG. The shareholders today include Sparkasse, Aachen, Düren and Krefeld, Kreissparkassen Heinsberg and Euskirchen as well as Stadtsparkasse Mönchengladbach.


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