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Some stories are just too beautiful to end. In this respect, we at S-UBG AG are delighted to continue to be part of the new group of shareholders of Talbot Services alongside with Meilenstein GmbH, which is backed by Prof Thomas Prefi, NOMAINVEST and Dirk Reuters, and to help shape another chapter in the success story of this traditional company.

When we agreed to the bold concept of a group led by Dirk Reuters and the QUIP Executive Board in the shareholder group of QUIP AG in 2013 and put together a financing solution for the takeover of the oldest German site for the production of rail vehicles, we were by no means sure whether the plant, which was to be shut down by the former owner Bombardier, could be maintained as a service provider in the long term.

In the meantime, Talbot Services GmbH has established itself as an important player in the European market for complete refurbishment, maintenance and upgrading of rail vehicles and serves numerous market leaders such as Deutsche Bahn, Flixtrain, Siemens Mobility, etc. The number of employees has now more than doubled to almost 500. The company has now been separated from QUIP, which continues to focus on its successful core business.

“Dear Talbötter (as the team has called itself for many decades); your courage and persistence in fighting to factory preservation in 2013 was worth it and you have proven that a medium-sized company in Germany can also develop successfully in such a market with limited opportunities for automation. Quality, delivery reliability, trustworthiness and optimised processes – this is how Talbot is gaining more and more market share and it’s highly enjoyable to be part of it. Keep rolling – let’s continue to make a successful contribution to sustainable and safe mobility on the rails in Europe.”

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