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Company Succession

After a successful entrepreneurial life, you are facing the challenge to deliver the succession of your company carefully and in a timely manner. Do you have children who want to follow in your footsteps and are also qualified? Then congratulations!

If this is not the case, the issue may be more difficult and require special competences.

Potential Solutions could be, for example, to turn the second management level into entrepreneurs – Management Buy Out = MBO abbreviated. Another option would be to recruit an external Partner to take over the company shares together with us – Management Buy In = MBI abbreviated.

S-UBG come along with these processes with strategic expertise, a wealth of experience and, of course, equity capital. If necessary, we work with co-investors and banks to create a sustainable structure that will make your company fit for the future. In this way, we help to ensure that traditional family businesses are preserved and can be delivered (handed down) to the next generation of entrepreneurs.


Change of Shareholders

It is sometimes necessary to change the shareholder structure in the interests of the company. Either a shareholder wants to leave the company or you as the managing partner want to offer to take over the shares. In both scenarios, it is important to proceed with sensitivity, especially when determining the financial value of the company, which can be complex.

In our experience, it is advisable to engage with us at an early stage as we have the required capital and structuring experience to enable you to acquire the shares with us.

We know which steps need to be taken in which order to ensure a successful change of ownership.



Are you planning rationalisation and expansion investments, would you like to access new markets, are you considering international collaborations or acquisition from competitors? Entrepreneur´s hearts beat faster at such moments, but often these and similar opportunities cannot be utilised because of a lack of financing. A strong equity base is essential for financing growth plans. Our equity capital is – according to the Basel III and IV regulations – an effective addition to the most limited credit financing for expansion plans.