Everyone has visions.
We make them reality.

Change of ownership at Talbot. Aachen plant repositions itself with new investor structure.

Rhineland equity

Knowledge and a good overview are prerequisites for many important business decisions. See our whitepaper on what is possible with equity and how an investment with S-UBG works:

The S-UBG Group at a glance

The S-UBG invests with equity, know-how and network in innovative and sustainable entrepreneurial teams in our region.

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You will find our team at the Aachener Markt opposite the city hall. For us, direct contact and a personal companion is the basis of a trusting cooperation.

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For us, every company is unique. That is why we do not have a watering can principle but rather targeted investments in the best teams. Building on the experience of 30 years of venture capital.

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A regional start - conquering the world This is the story of many of our partner companies. With a network of international investors and partners, we can do it together.

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We meet entrepreneurs at eye level and support the management where we are in demand. Maximum freedom is as important to us as transparency, commitment and clarity.

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With the TechVision fund, we also invest in start-ups from the Rhineland. This provides our SME customers with good partners and access to new technologies.

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with us you will meet a team with decades of experience, self startup founders and co-entrepreneurs, business economists and engineers from various fields.

"Extraordinary growth, change of shareholders and, most recently, successful succession planning - S-UBG had the right participation model for our company at every stage".

- Dr. Martin Grablowitz, Babor Beauty Group -


We invest in people, ideas and solutions, not in products. Because energy, sustainable concepts and visions are what make our joint success.

How we invest

Transparency is important and helps us to make decisions as quickly and comprehensibly as possible. That is why we want you to know what we do and how we work.

1. Initial contact

Often it is the direct line, our network or close advisors of the companies that establish the contact. For a first meeting we get an insight into the status quo and the planned project.

2. Evaluation

In the next step it is important to get to know all the people involved. We also go deeper into the company history and gain insight into balance sheets and order books.

3. Participation model

If everything - people and figures - fit and the overall financing of the project appears realistic, then it becomes concrete: We develop an individual and sustainable financing model.

4. Letter of Intent

The concrete steps and the common understanding are summarized in a Letter of Intent. Components are: Evaluation, investment amount, use of funds and rules for cooperation.

5. DD und Board Decision

Due Diligence (DD) examinations are initiated, e.g. on topics such as market, technology, law, finance. Our auditors are independent experts in their field and enjoy our full confidence.

6. Contracts and notary

After a positive decision by our committee, the participation agreements are drafted and the notary appointment is prepared. After the signature, the motto is: Welcome to the portfolio!

Feel free to contact us!

Are you planning special steps with your company? Do you want to take over a competitor or are you looking for a company successor? We are located in the heart of Aachen with a view of the city hall. We would like to invite you to present us with your request.