Change of ownership at talbot - S-UBG
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Change of ownership at talbot

Aachen, August 29, 2022 – Germany’s oldest rail vehicle manufacturer Talbot Services GmbH is repositioning itself for the future and moving under the umbrella of its own holding company, the recently founded Talbot Holding GmbH. The long-established Aachen-based company is thus leaving QUIP Holding GmbH after nine successful years: “A farewell with gratitude”, as Talbot Managing Director Dirk Reuters emphasizes. On July 1, 2013, QUIP Holding GmbH founded what is now Talbot Services GmbH with the support of its investors and Reuters, saving the former Bombardier site in Aachen from closure and taking on around 200 of the original 400 employees.

“The courage and support of the QUIP Management Board and its shareholders at the time were decisive in saving the plant and for our excellent development in recent years,” emphasizes Reuters.

Securing jobs, driving expansion forward

Today, 460 employees work in the workshops and offices of Talbot Services. The aim now is to secure jobs in Aachen, win further major orders and new customers and expand. In future, this “Talbot 2.0” course of stability and growth will be accompanied by the newly formed Talbot Holding GmbH, an umbrella company consisting of regional investment players with expertise and links to the city of Aachen and the Rhineland/Lower Rhine region. Since August 25, 2022, the shareholders of Talbot Holding GmbH have been S-UBG Beteiligungsgesellschaft, TPPI GmbH with owner Prof. Thomas Prefi, Nomainvest AG with main owner Yves Noël (also owner of the NMC group of companies from Eupen) and the current Talbot Managing Director Dirk Reuters with his Dirk Reuters Beteiligungs GmbH.