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It was a special pleasure for us to welcome Dr. Claudia Major to Aachen at the start of the year of our PIN e.V. (corporate network of S-UBG and TechVision Fonds), who gave us a comprehensive overview of the current geopolitical and security situation and gave us ideas on how to move forward.

Key takeaways:
▶ There can only be peace in Ukraine if it is perceived as just. This would not be the case for the Ukrainians if they lost territory.
▶ Europe urgently needs to become more independent, especially because Donald Trump’s re-election cannot be ruled out.
▶ Europe will only be able to gain this strength from an intact democracy.
▶ The old global bloc formation is over. In future, various alliances and parties will be in constant conflict. Whether war will continue to be used as a means in the future also depends on how the war in Ukraine ends.

And on a personal note: it is time for us to stand up for our values again. Each and every one of us is called upon to do so.

It was a thought-provoking evening, but one that was particularly well received in spite of or precisely because of this.

And what remains is the feeling of having met a woman who not only analyzes and communicates very clearly, but who is also a person at the heart of society. And to whom many people should listen even more closely.